Regarding the PG&E “Public Safety Power Shutoffs”

Island Energy receives is power through PG&E’s northern California electric transmission system. Island Energy itself does not plan to do electric system preventative shutdowns – as almost all of our system is underground.

However and regarding PG&E: PG&E has been shutting down parts of its electric “distribution” system in high fire risk areas over the last several days. If for some reason PG&E were to shut down its northern California high voltage interstate “transmission” system, then Island Energy and Mare Island could indeed be affected, potentially along with the entire Bay Area. At this time, we see this as unlikely.

We are in contact with PG&E twice per day, and they have indicated that the circuits serving Island Energy and Mare Island are not presently on their list for potential shutdown.

We will monitor PG&E’s situation and if events change, will post on Mare Island Next Door and our website.

Island Energy