Pittsburg Power Company (“PPC”) is a California joint powers agency of the City of Pittsburg, California, and provides retail utility electric and natural gas distribution services on Mare Island, Vallejo in the name of “Island Energy”.

PPC is characterized as a publicly-owned municipal utility, or “POU”, and operates not-for-profit under the direction of a Board of Directors.

PPC is committed to providing responsive customer service and reliable utility services at competitive prices to its customers throughout its service area.

Gas Price Volatility

Pittsburg Power Company – Island Energy is reaching out to provide background for the increase in gas pricing and billings over the last year.

In 2022 and early 2023 natural gas pricing over the last year has shown exceptional increases in cost along with volatility. Gas pricing set a record in December due to sinking gas storage inventories, supply constraints (due in part to the European situation) and a cold start to winter, especially in the East. Download the letter from March 9 for detailed information and links.

Natural gas cost and associated utility bills are forecast to begin dropping this and next month, providing some cost relief to customers.

FY 23-24 Preliminary Rate Case Presentation
PPC Public Hearing

Electric Rates

Customer Rate Class

Island Energy

FY 2022-2023


Average Bundled Rate

IE vs. PG&E

Residential General RES-1

 $ 0.22910

$ 0.33565


Residential Excess RES-X

 $ 0.44056

$ 0.49318


General Commercial CES-1

 $ 0.25991

$ 0.32241


Large Commercial CES-2

 $ 0.23996

$ 0.29747


Industrial CES-3 Secondary

 $ 0.24636

$ 0.25933


Large Industrial CES-4 Secondary

 $ 0.21792

$ 0.22939


Large Industrial CES4-Primary

 $ 0.21053

$ 0.21593


Streetlight LS

 $ 0.18766

$ 0.22551


Natural Gas Rate

Delivery Charge: $1.00/Therm
Daily Meter Charge: $ 0.15/meter/day
Commodity Charge ($/Therm) Pass Through*
*Island Energy passes through its natural gas cost to customers with a small mark up to account for system losses.

NOTE:  Island Energy has reinstated billing late fees and shutoffs as of July 1, 2022. If you have been financially impacted as a result of COVID-19 or other, and need to make special payment arrangements, please contact our office. Customers may be subject to shutoffs with balances exceeding 90 days. 

Please call:  (707) 562-5000

Island Energy