Customer Project Support Application

The Project support process begins with receipt of the Customer Project Support Application, including a $250.00 administration fee,

The Customer is encouraged to include as much specific technical information in the Application as available to help us understand the potential scope.   This could include electrical demand voltages, gas demand and pressure required and other related intended uses.  The type of uses, such as; furnaces, baking ovens electric heaters, motor drives is also very helpful.  Island Energy may request a meeting and site visit to better understand the Project and the Customers’ objectives.

Depending on the scope and complexity of the Customer Project, Island Energy may propose developing and executing the project with a simple Work Order – to include a summary of scope, cost estimate, and relevant technical information. The Work Order is signed by the Customer.

More complex projects may have the  parties enter into a “Customer Reimbursable Project Agreement” for the performance of Technical Design, Scope of Work and Cost Estimate for Island Energy to perform its elements of the Project.

For the fillable, pdf form application, click here:   Project Support Application

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