Plug-In Electric Vehicle Program Rebate Information

This program applies to Island Energy electricity customers who are current owners or lessees of plug in electric vehicles and hybrids with an electric range in excess of 30 miles per charge. A rebate for the installation of a level 2 (240volt) charging station. Up to $600 rebate will be provided for the parts, installation and permitting costs of a level 2 (240volt) charging station. Installation must be performed by a qualified electrician. Maximum rebate amount is $600 or the actual verified cost of the installation.

To be eligible for the program, customers must complete the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program application available below. All Applicants must present documentation to:

  1. Verify registration of a plug in electric vehicle or hybrid at applicant’s service address. Suitable documentation is a copy of vehicle registration.
  2. Verify vehicle has an electric range in excess of 30 miles per charge. Suitable documentation is portion of vehicles owner’s manual or marketing material that states vehicle’s range at full charge is in excess of 30 miles.
  3. Copies of all receipts associated with charging station installation including charging station purchase, parts, installation and permitting costs.
  4. A Copy of your Building Permit Card showing final sign off by the Building & Safety Department of City of Vallejo.

Installations prior to July 1, 2015 are not eligible for the rebate.

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