Gas Safety


It is the goal of Island Energy to provide reliable and safe natural gas service to our customers. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of the people residing and/or working near our natural gas facilities.

Use the tabs below to determine how to recognize the odor of natural gas, what to do if you smell natural gas, how to prevent natural gas emergencies, and much more important information.

Public safety and environmental protection are a priority for Island Energy. We have longstanding relationships with emergency responders where our facilities are located, as well as established federally required emergency response plans in place. Our personnel are trained and equipped to manage any natural gas incident in conjunction with emergency response officials.

In the event that you smell natural gas, call our offices at (707) 562-5000 or the Emergency Call Center at (707) 750-4477.


Natural gas is a non-toxic, colorless fuel, about one third, (1/3), lighter than air, spark or flame. In its purified state, natural gas has no smell.

For your protection, Island Energy gas stream contains a harmless distinctive odor so you can detect and report the slightest natural gas leak.

Properties of Natural Gas (What Does It Smell Like?)

  1. Whenever natural gas leaks from a pipe or pipe fitting, there is a possibility of fire or explosion.
  2. If leaking natural gas accumulates in a confines space, it can be displace air and cause suffocation.
  3. If a gas appliance is not operating properly, incomplete combustion can produce a toxic gas called carbon monoxide (CO).
  4. An appliance pilot light or gas burner can ignite combustible materials and flammable vapors such as gasoline, paint thinner or aerosols
  5.  ANYTIME YOU SUSPECT A NATURAL GAS LEAK OR A POTENTIAL GAS EMERGENCY, CALL ISLAND ENERGY at (707) 562-5000 or the Emergency Call Center at (707) 750-4477.
  6. If you would like additional information regarding natural gas, call Island Energy at (707) 562-5000.
  1. Keep all appliances clean, properly vented and serviced regularly.
  2. Make everyone in your family knows how to operate gas appliances and shut-off valves.
  3. Don’t use an open gas oven for heating your home or drying your clothes.
  4. Don’t use of store gasoline, aerosols or other products with flammable vapors near gas appliances.
  5. Whenever changing your furnace filter be sure to replace the compartment door.
  6. Never cover fresh air vents that supply air to your gas appliances.
  7. Have all gas line alterations and appliance repairs performed by a professional.
  8. Before digging in your yard, be sure you know the location of underground gas lines. Call the Underground Service Alert One-Call Center at 811 or 1-800-227-2600 to get a free location of any underground utilities.
  9. Write your fire and police department phone numbers and our emergency service number (707-750-4477) in the front of your phone book.


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