PG&E PSPS Alert –

PG&E, through various media outlets, is advising that there is the potential for a “Public Safety Power Shutoff” (PSPS) in portions of Northern California this coming Wednesday and Thursday.  Areas include portions of the North Bay and Sonoma County.

Island Energy is communicating with PG&E to attempt to understand whether Mare Island might be affected in this potential PSPS event.  We will convey through this blog any information we obtain on how Mare Island might be affected.

Of note is that the PG&E transmission system serving Mare Island originates at the Ignacio Substation in Novato.  Should PG&E begin a PSPS event in Marin or western Sonoma Counties, Mare Island could be affected.

Please monitor television and radio news reports and be prepared with flashlights, battery lanterns, non-perishable foods, medications, charged cell phones, fuel for your vehicles and other preparations as may be necessary.

We will provide as much information as we are able to obtain, as soon as we have it.


Douglas W. Buchanan, PE
Power Company Manager
Pittsburg Power Company – Island Energy

Island Energy